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R80.10 Bridge Mode - External Traffic Drop

Hi guys,

I am working on my lab to setup a simple setup:




I did the topology, internal / external stuff with a basic rule and it appears fine. My laptop test box can go outside and I can see the logs in management. One exception, the management can no longer see the public traffic; I can not ping or get updates.

I have seen an SK talking about dropping packets and tried it but had no luck. Anyone running into it?

If I disable bridge mode it looks at the external traffic; I can ping

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced,


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Re: R80.10 Bridge Mode - External Traffic Drop

Check what it is NATed as.

If your laptop on internal network can get out, then the NAT is working to some extend.

If you have previously had your management server statically NATed to a public IP for remote gateway management, this may explain what you are seeing now.

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Re: R80.10 Bridge Mode - External Traffic Drop

I have to assume the gateway is seeing it's own traffic and dropping it.

See: When configuring 2 interfaces in Bridge Mode, traffic is dropped due to "local interface spoofing" 

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