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R77 to R80 CMA migration


I am trying to migrate the CMAs on provider-1 R77 to R80.10. The pre-upgrade verification gives me an error not sure  what could be wrong or what is the file or directory is missing. Any help would be appreciated  

#./pre_upgrade_verifier -p /opt/CPmds-R77/customers/Customer-CMA/CPsuite-R77/fw1/ -c R77 -t R80
#./pre_upgrade_verifier: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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Re: R77 to R80 CMA migration

Firstly, you need to use R80.10 migration tools and pre-upgrade verifier, not the ones that are "installed" in R77.30 version - Check Point R80.10 → Gaia R7X.X to R80.10 Tool (TGZ) 

R80.10 Pre-Upgrade Verifier notifications and their solutions 

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Re: R77 to R80 CMA migration

Thanks Aleksei. I have indeed used the migration tools from R80.10 

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Re: R77 to R80 CMA migration

Note: Effective March 25th, 2018, Management Server Migration Tools have been updated. see SK 111841 additional downloads, Management Server Migration Tool

Regards, Maarten
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