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R77.30 – Disabling interface and removing from ClusterXL Monitoring

Would ClusterXL stop monitoring a interface if I disable it on both GWs? Do not want to touch topology

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Back in the days you would add such interfaces to $FWDIR/conf/discntd.if (sk65826) to prevent them from being monitored within ClusterXL's Interface Active Check. This is however, not required anymore if your R77.30 runs on the latest JHF.

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as long as this isn't a SYNC (synced) interface you can do that anytime you like, if however it is a SYNC(d) interface you need to first remove it from the equasion by modifying the Cluster object in Dash and in shell (clish or gaia portal) then pushing the policy, otherwise you're going to end up with failover if you miss any of above steps.

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