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R75.20 gateway support from R80.10 management server

I am doing a long overdue upgrade from R75.20 to R80.10 and have just about nutted out the management server piece but want to make sure I don't break my gateways by upgrading the management server to R80.10 and the gateways are still at R75.20.

This is only a temporary measure until I can plan the gateway upgrades (most recommendations are to start from scratch rather than upgrade).

To provide the full picture, I am going from Windows Server 2008R2 R75.20 to Gaia R77.30 (different server name, different IP address).  Once I get that sorted I'll go from R77.30 to R80.10.  After that is complete I plan to do the security gateways (2 locations x 2 in HA mode).

Will the gateways continue to work with an R77.30 (and R80.10) management server ?

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Re: R75.20 gateway support from R80.10 management server

All looks supported according to release notes page 15. As long as you don't have the smaller appliances. Then there are some limitations but check release notes

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