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Petch Policy and VPN-problem SMB 1430



I have problem with a 1430. First of all I had problem with SIC. I chosed "Open Server" in SIC-init instead of "Small Office Appliance", after that the SIC become trusted.  Right or Wrong, its green in the MGMT-server.

Right now I´m able to Push Policy from MGMT-server, but I´m not able to fetch policy from 1430.

Reason: TCP connectivity failure ( port = 18191 )( IP = x.x.x.x )[ error no. 10 ].

I also have problem with the VPN. In the central LOG-server i see the following errors in logs.

Phase1 Received Notification from Peer: invalid certificate


I have read some SK but I don´t find any related stuff.






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You will need to start over with SIC and creating the object for your SMB gateway, ensuring you choose the correct appliance type this time.
The policy compilation process for SMB gateways is different.
The fact you chose Open Server means it's never going to work.
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