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Object Management

Hi together
Where can I find a Overview with explanation about all the Object and Objects Categories ?
As Example Network and or Networkgroup is clear, but was is.

And or as well about the Service Group and or Protocol ?
What is the different of the Service as Example

Best regards

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Re: Object Management

Explanation can be found in SmartConsole R80.20 Help by clicking the Question Mark (Title bar top right). But be aware that this is just explaining what the object / service is, but mostly does not give an account of why it is needed for which purpose.

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Re: Object Management

For all objects that have no direct description, just use the help button:

Either way, having general TCP/IP knowledge is a demand for each Check Point firewall admin.


Re: Object Management

In that particular case you mentioned, its a Dynamic Object.

It's basically a placeholder where it's actual definition is done locally on the Security Gateway itself (either automatically for certain predefined objects or using the dynamic_objects CLI command). 

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