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NAT Template issue after enabling it on primary gateway.

I have an HA  in production environment on 5400 series and Smart405 as management.Primary gateway is not accessible after enabling NAT template and rebooting it.Neither it is accessible from sync interface,its ip or from Secondary gateway. Do i have to disable the NAT template using console or there is any way i can make it accessible?

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Re: NAT Template issue after enabling it on primary gateway.

Unfortunately this behavior probably means that you made a typo in the fwkern.conf file.  Traffic destined to the gateway itself (like SSH management) is never accelerated by SecureXL, and therefore is not subject to NAT Templates.  Why did you enable NAT Templates in the first place?  As mentioned in my book there are fairly limited scenarios where NAT Templates will boost performance, and the fact that they can only be enabled/disabled via a fwkern.conf modification and reboot is a bit unnerving.

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