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Moving from Full HA to Distributed on R80.x

Some CheckMaters are complaining about inability to move from Full HA to a Distributed Configuration on R80.x, for example here. Indeed, the direct approach seems to be blocked, as the relevant SK article is not applicable to any version higher than R77.30

However, thanks to Juan Concepcion‌, there is a way to move forward.

Here is the quote from Juan's instructions:

  • Create a temp directory to house the export: mkdir migration
  •  Copy the archive to this directory (myarchive.tgz in my example)
  •  Extract the archive: tar -xvzf myarchive.tgz
  •  Modify the files from the archive:  

configuration - change line:

RegistryKeys FWManagement,Firewall,Primary


RegistryKeys FWManagement,Primary (remove firewall)



:is_firewall_module (yes)


:is_firewall_module (no)


:installed_products_registry_string ("FWManagement,Firewall,Primary")


:installed_products_registry_string ("FWManagement,Primary")


  • tar up the archive: tar -cvzPf mynewarchive.tgz *


This allowed me to import the configuration.  I was then able to go in and deselect firewall module and install database on the newly imported management station.