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Manually modified files

Hi all,

If I remember correctly, there was a SK with all the files that should be manually backup in case of upgrades as they would have been overwritten during the upgrade or export / import procedura on a new management, but I'm not able to find it anymore.

For example I mean crypt.def, user.def, implied_rule.def, table.def etc etc.

Someone remember this sk or some link with the information above?


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Re: Manually modified files

What I'd do is look at the output of ls -lrt $FWDIR/lib/*.def.

A whole bunch of the files will have similar date/timestamps.

The ones at the bottom of that list may have been modified and may be worth backing up.

If you manage gateways of an earlier version, you may have modified .def files in various backward compatibility packages also.

On gateways, a commonly modified file is $FWDIR/boot/modules/fwkern.conf

In general, anytime you manually modify one of these files, you should document it for future use.

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Re: Manually modified files

I always save original file as copy with some ending like .orig or .bak and by looking for those files I know I have altered the original one and can even do a diff to see my changes. 

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Re: Manually modified files

To be totally in control you should document every change you’ve manually made to files, just like Dameon Welch-Abernathy already said. But unfortunatly you probably are not the only one working on that firewall.

I was working on a script that allows you to copy a lot of known files that could have been changed. Afterwards you run it again to see if there are differences between the original files and the new ones.

I might post it to Check Mates sometime. But best practice will be to just document it and “friendly” remind your colleagues that don’t .

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