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Management server Merge issue

Hi All -

I have two management server with R77.30 Gaia version. we planning to merge both management server with a single management server.

we prepared the SOW as per SK33751,

Any one try to merge management server, please share me if you face any issue during the merging.

and also is there any downtime require during the merger?

please share your experience. and if you have any prepared plan share me the same.


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Re: Management server Merge issue

It depends on your definition of an outage.

In general, you can do this work independent of the gateways, which means users won't notice.

That said, unless you use a third system to merge the other two on, it will be potentially disruptive to at least one of the management servers.

If you're using cp_merge, then you are definitely going to have to re-establish SIC with the gateways to the newly merged management.

This may require a brief outage unless you use the trick described here: 

See also: 

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