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MDS Global Policy Failed

Hi Team,

Need some assistance with this error message. I am getting the below error message when attempting to assign a global policy to a Domain server.

Action in progress... Please wait ...

Active Domain Management Server for Domain <ABC> is <Domain Name> on Multi-Domain Server <MDS Server Name>

Failed to get synchronization status of Multi-Domain Server <MDS server Name>. Operation aborted for this Multi-Domain Server
Operation aborted for the following Domain Management Servers on Multi-Domain Server <MDS Server Name>:
<Domain Name>

No Domain Management Servers left for the assign operation.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Re: MDS Global Policy Failed

The SKs I'm seeing suggest this might be a licensing issue?

Can you confirm the licenses are valid on your MDS?

You might also want to get the TAC to assist with this as well.

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Re: MDS Global Policy Failed

The Licenses are all good.  I am opening a support ticket for further investigation.

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