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Licensing Module & Management IP


I am about to generate a product license for 15600 appliance, and I was wondering what is the meaning of Module IP and Management IP address that are required to generate the license from user center.

The way I currently understand it is that Module IP is the IP of the current management port on the appliance whereas the Management IP is the MDS address under which this appliance is managed? Is this an alternative to central licensing where I just need to define the MDS IP address ?  I am running R77.30

Thanks for feedback. 

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Re: Licensing Module & Management IP

Please provide a screen shot of the configuration in question.

I'd say Management IP is the IP of your central SmartCenter Server and Module IP is the IP address of your Security Appliance.

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Re: Licensing Module & Management IP

I would though so too based on the fact that these are available when selecting Local license model only

For central, I assume it is address of MDS that will apply that license to gateway through SmartUpdate.

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Re: Licensing Module & Management IP

If your gateway has internet connectivity, even temporary with temporary IP, you can just do get license from GAIA WebUI directly without any actions in UC. If the box is new and license has never been configured check under Maintenance, there should be option "get license". Sorry don't have real screenshot right now

This will update your UC as well typically with loopback IP on that GW (

Here you go from GAIA admin guide

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