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LOM Priviedge User

Hi together, 

I have some issues to reset the LOM Port.

These are so current User

I tried to reset the admin password but I think the related issue is the Channel Priv Lmit. That the admin user has no rights to login.



No Access - Access privileges are suspended, but the user account is not deleted.Note - The user can not log in to LOM in this state


IDNameEnabledCALLINLINK AUthIMPMI MSGChannel Priv Limit
2adminEnabledTrueTrueTrueNO ACCESS
10administratorfalsetruefalsefalseNO ACCESS


I tried ipmitool user test 2 16 <password>


Does anybody has an Idea how to give the admin user the permissions?

Also a full Reset via the command ipmitool raw 0x2e 0x02  does not work.

I have a 12600 aplliance.


Kind regards


Jannis Breitenstein

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