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How to replace vsx cluster?

Hi guys,

We have got a plan to upgrade our VSX Gateways to R80.10 from R77.30

and also we are going to replace the two old 4800 running VSX Cluster to two 5900 appliances.

Ph-1 - we replace only the vsx gateways

Ph-2 a month later we will upgrade the provider to R 80.10

Ph-3 a month later we will upgrade the vsx gateways to R80.10

Have you guys any experience on this workaround?

what is the right procedure?

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to replace vsx cluster?

I'd recommend to:

  • Phase 1: Fresh install of MDSM (Provider-1) R80.20 and migrate the R77.30 configuration into the new R80.20 one
  • Phase 2: Shutdown the old R77.30 MDSM environment put the new R80.20 into production, thoroughly test it, in case of any issues do a fallback and troubleshoot
  • Phase 3: Fresh install of R80.20 on the new appliances, put them into production within a maintance window (switch cables to new appliances, in case of issue fallback to old appliances)

Re: How to replace vsx cluster?

Agree with Danny Jung‌. I see no compelling reason to roll out R80.10 at this point, given number of improvements R80.20 has to offer.

This being said, please make sure that you are aware of the applicable R80+ MDSM limitations (or differences from R77) and that those will not prevent you from delivering services according to your business model.

The only thing I'd like to add to Danny's "Phase 3" is that after switching to the new appliances, you'll have to change the version number in the VSX cluster's properties. In case you are rolling back, you'll have to change it to the old version.

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Re: How to replace vsx cluster?

Hi Danny and Vladimir, 

Thanks for yours quick response, 

meanwhile, could you please elaborate the replacement process only? 



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Re: How to replace vsx cluster?

In more detail?

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