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How smartconsole secure connection?

Hello experts,

I listened from some one that Smart console creates an SSL tunnel with the Security gateway when we connect it to the gateway. But I am not able to find any document or article stating that.

Could any one help me in understanding how smart console (Dashboard) secure the traffic between the Smart console client and the Checkpoint management server?

I will really appreciate any comment.


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Re: How smartconsole secure connection?


Here is an excelent flowchart describing communication between all modules R80.x Ports Used for Communication by Various Check Point Modules 

About securing communication between Check Point entities you can read Security Management Server R77 Versions on Internal Certificate Authority section.



Re: How smartconsole secure connection?

All CP instances - management, gateway or endpoint / policy server communicate using SIC - sk30579 How to troubleshoot SIC gives the tech details. Dashboard communication is featured in sk54442 How to troubleshoot SmartDashboard connection issues.