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Home Lab Setup - How are you doing it?

Hi All,

I'm looking to set up a lab at home so I can start to familiarise myself with R80.10, as we currently use R77.30 at work, and some of the API features of R80.10 look rather attractive.  

Ideally I would like to be able to maintain it as a long-running setup so that I can build it up over time.  (Thinking of a management VM, and a pair of gateway VMs.)

Am curious how you have your home labs set up, and how you approach the licensing...


Stephen Hames

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Re: Home Lab Setup - How are you doing it?

Have you tried the Cloud Demo Mode of R80.10 to be familiar with just the Management features, experiment with the API calls, and user experience?


Re: Home Lab Setup - How are you doing it?

You can take a look at my setup in this thread:

vSEC deployment scenarios in AWS 

On the left is the semi-permanent portion of the lab, on the right is the stuff I am spinning-up in the cloud.

The is the 1430 SMB unit that allows me to keep the CP support tied to my own account.

The rest of components are running on ESXi(s).

You'll lose the L2 functionality testing capabilities, such as port aggregation and there are some particulars for the clustering configuration in virtual environments: 

For licensing on the rest of CP components, check out the CheckMates Pro program here: 




Re: Home Lab Setup - How are you doing it?

I have a couple of VMware ESXi servers: one with my "production" gateway/management, and a second one on which I host the VMs I use for CheckMates Live events.

I now have a NUC that I am moving these VMs to, which is much easier to take with me Smiley Happy

I also have a 1490 and an 1100 that exist in various places in my network.

It really depends on what it is you're trying to do, the possibilities are endless, really.

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