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Gaia Portal Password


Please help to solve an issue.

I've installed Gaia R80.10 (last build) on Smart1-205 by means of USB storage device.

CLI login/password - admin/admin.

But when I try to connect to the Gaia Portal,because I want to initialize the appliance, admin/admin isn't working.

Also I tried admin(login) and empty password, admin/password nothing worked. 

I didn't set a password while installation were running, check point did not asked me about that.

Are there any potions to reset Gaia portal password via CLI? Do you know other possible variants of password?

Thank you very much!

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Re: Gaia Portal Password


Re: Gaia Portal Password

Thank you, I have already read it.

The problem was that I was connecting to another gaia, despite I entered right IP address. 

I changed PC IP address to approriate one, which is directly connected to my check point, by means of netsh commands.