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Full HA cluster upgrade from R77.30 to R80.10


What is the best practice for upgrading full ha cluster from R77.30 to R80.10?

Could not find any documentation on that on SK.



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Keep in mind that R80.10 management requires significantly more memory than R77.x management does.

On a standalone gateway and Full HA scenario, this means your gateways will need, at bare minimum, 8GB of RAM.

More is recommended if your appliances support it.

That said, your options for Full HA aren't all that different than any other upgrade.

You have two choices:

1. In-place upgrade with CPUSE

2. Migrate export / import ("Advanced" upgrade)

Personally, I would opt for a migrate export/import upgrade.

There are, of course, more steps here and I'll see if I can get someone to provide some more context.

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Hi, is this a Management machine or a Gateway?

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Hi Tomer.

Full HA means that I have two appliances (in this case two 4400) that any one of the is a Management and a Gateway. (in full sync).

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Alexander, Don 't even think of putting a R80.10 Smart Center on a 4400 appliance.

I rather take my chances in a foxhole during an artillery barrage then trying to do something like that.

Get you Smart Center off these boxes to a separate system before you even think R80.


Gotta agree with Hugo here, the 4400 only has two cores and 4GB of RAM.  Running R80.10 purely as a gateway on a 4400 would probably be OK if you didn't have too many blades enabled, but including R80.10 management as well on a 4400?  Will probably work but the performance will almost certainly be unacceptable.

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It certainly wouldn't work with anything less than 8GB of RAM.