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Full HA Installation - R80.10

Hello Guys,

any recommendations you can give me for this type of installation, except more memory? Target is 5100 HA cluster. FW active/passive, SMS passive/active. There is no budget for separate SMS.


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Re: Full HA Installation - R80.10

I would recommend to install R77.30 + Jumbo Hotfix at least in that case.

Full HA installation is a pretty bad choice in my opinion. But you can make a setup when FW is active on the primary node and management server is active on the secondary node.

Re: Full HA Installation - R80.10

Gotta agree with Aleksei Shelepov‌ here to use R77.30 (with latest GA jumbo HFA); while the 5100 has 8GB of RAM only having two cores will make R80.10 management quite slow (especially with a Full HA setup) and log indexing will be disabled.

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Re: Full HA Installation - R80.10

We are going to add more RAM at least. R77.30 will be unsupported next year so I want to avoid to install R77.

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