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Duplicated objects

Hi, Is there a way for me to check duplicated, triplicated, etc. objects, but not for name but its configuration in some way? For example I have this:

The network is twice but with different names, I would like to know if I can list all the objects that have the same parameters but different name, Thanks.

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Re: Duplicated objects

Manually you can look this in object explorer. Put the IP-address or network in the Search-field and it will show all the objects with this IP. This is of course not very useful if you have a lot of objects you want to check. 

Check Point Professional Services has a tool to run a report of your policy and object database (including duplicate objects). You can also create an API script to look for the duplicate objects.

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Re: Duplicated objects

In case you are still using R77.30, it's just a mouse-click away:

Search > Network Objects > Duplicates


Re: Duplicated objects

There is also a python script available, which comes with the default example scripts for the python module regarding the management API:

cp_mgmt_api_python_sdk/find_duplicate_ip at master · CheckPointSW/cp_mgmt_api_python_sdk · GitHub 

But note that this one just lists only duplicate IP addresses and does not compare other parameters. But it's a starting point which could be advanced to also compare other parameters like tags etc.

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