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Device status in smart console and recommended updates.

I have some questions about "gateways and servers" tab in smart console. Please look at attached screen. There is a "Status" column.
1) What actually does this status mean? Only what we have successfullu initialized SIC connection? Or something else?
2) Also, why does Security gateway can't get status for "recommended updates" column? If we have green status for both SG and SMS, it means everything is ok, correct?
3) Is there any troubleshooting guides for SIC communication between SG and SMS?

Thanks in advance!

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There was no attached screen.

However, I assume mine will suffice:

Hover over the X to find out why the gateway does not have a green checkmark.

In my case, it is because there is no SIC connection with this gateway (it's actually a non-existent gateway).

Likewise, when you hover over the N/A status under Recommended Updates, you will see the reason.

Specifically, this feature is only for R80+ systems.

For troubleshooting SIC, start with the product documentation: SmartConsole R80.10 Help: Gateways 

For more detailed troubleshooting, refer to the following SK: How to troubleshoot SIC 

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Thanks for reply!

I have following error for updates:

could not connect to checkpoint cloud. Check your connection settings.

I read article below and checked connection to, and connection test is ok.

How to verify that Security Gateway and/or Security Management Server can access Check Point servers... 

Also, if i go to web interface on SGs and SMS in Upgrades (CPUSE)-Status and actions, and use "Check for updates" button, SM is able to check updates and returns me result - Did not find any new packages.

But in smart console update status is same - N/A.

Any ideas?

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Addition - after manuall update, SGs status is up to date. SM status remains - N/A.

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What kind of licenses are you using on these VMs?

Are they the built-in 15-day plug and play licenses, are they evaluation licenses obtained from User Center, or permanent licenses?

My systems are using eval licenses and I do not see this behavior (correct response: "Up to Date" versus N/A).

I would ask you to open a case with TAC, but as you mentioned in a different thread, you don't have a support agreement. 

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I am using evaluation licenses obtained from User Center.
After manual checking for updates, devices in Smart console finally show up to date status.

It looks like admin have to configure updates schedule in Web interface, and information about update status will be somehow reported from SG to SMS.

I thought that SMS directly asks SG about update status.

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