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Detach from Cluster... in R80.10


Is this a feature that is redundant or one that will return in a future version?

It is very useful for upgrading and maintenance and relevant for hardware upgrades.



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Right now the cluster member can only be add to or "Remove" from Cluster Object.

If we choice to remove , the Gateway will also be delete.

Unable to add it back to the Cluster Member.

I also suggest CheckPoint RD can add "Detach" function back in Cluster Object.


It was decided to stop supporting it in R80.

Can you elaborate about the use case ?

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I have two real customer case about this issue.

If other partner have your story , please also update yours, thanks.

Both the two customer their cluster member's original host name are fw1 and fw2.

After upgrade R80.10 , the validation check show the FW1 host name conflict with the TC service object "FW1".     

PS: R80 Management with R77.30 Gateways without this validation issue.

So I need to change gateway host name.

But it can not be change directly from here.

So I try to move it out of the Cluster object to reset the Gateway object name.

After "Remove" it, I found the "fw1" Gateway object no longer exist.

I need to create it again. 

This my 2017Q3 audit logs.