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Delete VPN Tunnel

Dear Community,

I have Problem with Checkpoint VPN Tunnel.

We have delete some tunnels in SmartProvisioning but we have entries in the smartview under Tunnels on Gw

how can i Delete this entries without community



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Re: Delete VPN Tunnel

vpn tu in expert mode.

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Re: Delete VPN Tunnel

No it dosent Fucntion i have try it .

we have Version 80.20 Managment , and 15000 Appliance are 80.20 too  

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Re: Delete VPN Tunnel

Did you try “vpn tu” from expert mode ON the active cluster gateway not from the SMS server.

Vpn tu

Choose option 7 to reset all vpn tunnels.

They will auto reconnect

You might experience drop out while the gateways are re-establish vpn tunnels



Best Regards
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Re: Delete VPN Tunnel

Yes i have Try it on the active node with out success. if i choose option 7 i must give ip but u can see i have only the id for ip 



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Re: Delete VPN Tunnel

I've seen some odd situations where vpn tu does not seem to correctly remove SAs as directed, in those cases these commands via vpn shell have worked for me:

vpn shell /tunnels/delete/IKE/peer/[peer ip]    
vpn shell /tunnels/delete/IPsec/peer/[peer ip]

Typically vpn shell is associated with route-based VPNs but it works for domain-based VPNs too.


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