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Clearing disk space

We currently use R77.30.03 purely for hard drive and media encryption.  Currently we are having issues with /var/log at 100%.


Drilling down I can see that /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data9.2/ is using 49G of disk space.  What I really need to know is can I safely delete stuff from here without causing massive damage, or do I need to raise a support case?


We also have /var/log/opt/CPrt-R77/events_db/data/  which is sitting at 1.8G and I'm not sure if there is a duplication of folders.


Any advice please let me know.



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Hello Matthew,

The files you are looking at most likely belong to the SmartEvent server's database which shouldn't have come to this size provided that the Disk Space Management feature (under Logs >> Storage) has been configured to start deleting old log files once the remaining disk space is below a certain threshold.

Assuming SmartEvent is enabled on the manager, you could do the following:

- Take a backup of the SmartEvent database with the $RTDIR/bin/eva_db_backup.csh script.

- Adjust the Disk Space Management value to a more appropriate one.

- Install the database for the change to take effect.

- Advise results.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for that, found where it's set.  If I don't need or use smartevent (not licenced) can I delete it without causing problems?

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Hi Matthew,

No problem at all. 

I would recommend that you follow the steps previously discussed and see if that clears any space at all. Failing that,

- You could attempt to find other items taking up a lot of disk space you could safely delete by following sk60080 and sk63361.

- As a very last resort, take a snapshot and a full database export from the manager and then proceed to deleting the files in question. In the worst case scenario you could revert back if needed.

I hope this helps.


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