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Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

Kind of in a jam and need to get a tunnel up and running in short order. To make it worse its a non Checkpoint firewall with a dynamic outside interface. Now in the Juniper SRX world we accomplished this using aggressive mode. 

One side is a large Checkpoint cluster running R80.10 . Obviously the outside interface has a static ip. 

On the other side is a small Fortinet 60E-POE that will be in someones house. The WAN interface plugs into a Frontier DSL Modem ( ARRIS ) . The WAN interface will get a 192.168 address and be NAT'ed when it goes to the Internet. 

I need a route based VPN setup between these two. Anyone do anything similar ? Have any guidance? Thanks.

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Re: Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

Re: Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

I was able to get the tunnel up . Had to create a certificate in the Checkpoint PKI export it and import it into Fortinet device. Also had to run the below solution to change what the CP presents when as the peer id when it connections.

(PS I didn't have to reboot as it says, just had to run the below)

Command will be “source $CPDIR/tmp/”

I had to import the Checkpoint CA Cert into the Fortinet and add the Subject as CN = MyFirewallCertificate Name

Anyway, not P1 and P2 is up but I'm having a routing issue. I have a route that points the network inside but the external VPN network is . Since this is a more specific route it should take precedence but traffic is ping-ponging. Hitting the firewall and then being sent back in. I didn't create a specific static route as I assumed the connected VPN would create a dynamic one.

Any pointers on how to troubleshoot ?


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Re: Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

I believe that even if /24 is a more specific route, it is not necessarily a preferred one over "Connected" route.

Try modifying the topology of your gateway by creating a Network Group with Exclusions, (create two simple groups in advance, one containing network and the other one containing



And see if this'll do the trick. 

Re: Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

Thank you very much, that actually worked in resolving the routing issue. The tunnel was actually up for a while and traffic was working in one direction. I believe it was probably some policy problem that wasn't getting it to work in the other direction. Now for some reason I don't understand the tunnel is failing to authenticate again. It's during the certificate authentication phase on the Fortinet side.

Validating X.509 certificate
peer cert, subject='CP-PROD VPN Certificate', issuer='-G-V'
peer ID does not match cert

certificate validation failed

We did the steps where you edit the and instruct the firewall to send the FQDN as the peer id. Not sure if that helped or not.

Any other assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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