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Checkpoint DHCP Server Configuration

checkpoint DHCP Server

I have DHCP Server configured on firewall and configured interface has the same subnet which cover around 1024 hosts.

Now I need to increase the subnet for DHCP Pool, So do i need to make the changes on GW interface or making the changes for DHCP server will work fine ?

add dhcp server subnet include-ip-pool start end

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Re: Checkpoint DHCP Server Configuration

Please elaborate in more detail.

You really want a DHCP pool starting at and ending at That is a very huge increase. Either way, you need to do the changes on both, your interface (or routes through that interfaces to the other 10. networks) and the DHCP range as well.

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Re: Checkpoint DHCP Server Configuration

Hi Danny, 

Thanks for the response.

That was the typo.. original dhcp pool range is ( and same network is configure on interface. So the requirement is to increase the DHCP pool by another 500 addresses. So I was wondering if I need to make same changes on the interface. 

As you have already mentioned .. changes on interfaces is also required.. so I ll proceed accordingly. Thanks for the response.  appreciated Smiley Happy

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