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Changing virtual system by script

Hi, All...

We are trying to use the sk103154 script (the one that enables to block automatically TOR ip address) in a VSX system (the original script only works in stand-alone firewalls) and we are facing a problem: any "vsenv" command is ignored when we insert it in the script.

We have try several options:

* insertion of the literal command

      vsenv 2

* call to a variable

     result = $(vsenv 2)

* building a text file with the commands and calling it by "clish -f"...


Neither of them has worked. All the "fw sam" commands are sent to the VS 0. If I enter those commands manually in the system they work and send the "fw sam" commands to the VS 2, but doing it through a script doesn't


Am I doing something wrong?

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At what position did you add the 'vsenv 2'
If you ask me it would be placed before these 3 points:
$CPDIR/bin/cpd_sched_config add
$CPDIR/bin/cpd_sched_config delete
cpd_sched_config print
Regards, Maarten
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