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Change Control

Was lucky enough to attend CPX in Vienna, while there I remember having a look at one of the new builds, I am sure there was an extra button that appeared at the top of Smart console for change management report we have just updated to R80.30 on our manager server and cannot find the change management option.

Has any one got any info on this or was I hallucinating?

Any useful articles on Change control would be helpful.


Many thanks

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Re: Change Control

--> Has any one got any info on this or was I hallucinating?

Both 😉 It did read absolute correctly:  Come and check out our alpha version of 'Change Report' supported by SmartConsole Extensions in CPX 2019

So it is the SmartConsole Extension you need, not the R80.30 Dashboard alone...

Re: Change Control

Here is my article on R80+ Change Control which was nominated for CheckMates post of the year in 2018:


I keep wanting to add the very cool Change Report to this article, but until it appears as part of a GA SmartConsole release it won't be added.


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Re: Change Control

Outstanding Tim Thanks

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Re: Change Control