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Capsule is rejecting only one user

Hello Checkmates, it's unusual problem and I'd like to hear what do you think.

There some users in the network. All of them has access to the capsule, but userX  has no access to the capsule, despite he has approriate rights and correct rules.
Also there is one more problem: when the userY  connects to the capsule, he sees userX's e-mail account and all the content. It's like redirecting user account to improper one.

The cache was cleared, the program was reinstalled, the passwords were reseted. Nothing of that didn't help.

As well connectivity between gateway and the exchange server is okay.

In the logs I can see the Reject log with ErrorCode 401.

Thank you for your attention!

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Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

I think some screenshots would help.

Also, are you talking about Document Capsule Protection? Is User X able to use Web-based Capsule?

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Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

Yes, I'm talking about capsule protection, which is referred to mobile protection, in this case mail service is protected. 

I have attached 2 log screenshots. At the reject_log_ you can see that the user, who has approriate rights is rejected by the capsule. At the capsule_good_log you can see that other user can access the capsule.

If you need more inforamation I would be glad to provide it.

Thank you!

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Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

Better now. Please open a support call to get to the bottom of it.

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Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

Okay, thank you anyway.

I will text here a solution, when I resolve the issue.

Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

Please do

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Re: Capsule is rejecting only one user

Hello, I've remembered that you wanted to hear a solution of the problem. Here it is.

The main problem was: Error while connecting to server with user M.Martynov ErrorCode is:401 (I found in a debug file).

According this sk110882 problem has been resolved. The user had a password, which is written in russian letters. After changing the password to english characters it started to work properly.

Also I'd like to share, that there was another problem user without access to the capsule (he has Failed Log In).

The most weird thing is that he starts to work normally after enabling the CVPND debug according the sk99053.

I mean when you are changing the LogLevel in the $CVPNDIR/conf/httpd.conf file, the user has OK Log in and certainly a good green log.

Eventually, the TAC engineer said that the problem will be delivered to developers, because this behaviour is completely anomaly.


Do you have any ideas why is that working?

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