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Can RADIUS override the default shell


I am currently deploying RADIUS to authentication on the firewalls to avoid having to duplicate accounts and synchronise passwords on all systems. The testing with the administrator accounts is fine. We are having the default shell configured as

I would also like to use the RADIUS authentication for the WINSCP access to upload and download files. WINSCP does not like the and work only with I verified that by changing default shell to and WINSCP access works.

We want the remotely authenticated administrators to have as their default.

Is there a way (RADIUS attribute) that I can return to the GAIA platform to be able to select what shell is used with the authenticated user?

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Re: Can RADIUS override the default shell

We did this by adding the following line in CLISH


set aaa radius-servers default-shell /bin/bash

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Re: Can RADIUS override the default shell


This seems similar to the GUI option. I do not want to change the default shell for all RADIUS authenticated users. I would like to know there is an attribute that I can use to send back the Shell so that we can do customize per user the Shell used.
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