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CMA login problem


One of our admins are unable connect to one of the CMAs on our MDS. (we're running version R80.10 build 991140056)

When he tries to connect to that one CMA he gets an error as below:

However, he looks like he already has a session established to that CMA with read/write access. When we try to disconnect his session on SmartConsole we get the below error:

If we try to takeover his session again on MDS, SmartConsole application crashes.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? If so how did you end up resolving it?

Any help would be appreciated Smiley Happy

Note: He has no problem connecting to other CMAs. And other admins are able to connect to the CMA he has trouble with.


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Re: CMA login problem

Stop and start CMA, connect again

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Re: CMA login problem

Hi Valeri,

Stopping and restarting the CMA did not work. So we stopped and restarted MDS and it worked.

Thanks for your time and answer.

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Re: CMA login problem

I am happy your issue is now resolved

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