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cron job mailto not working


I have set scheduled backups on our gateways and management servers to backup up to an FTP server. They are all on R80.10. I want to be able to send an email once the backup is completed. 

There appears to be no option in the scheduled-backup, so I have created a cron job in CLISH instead. I have added a mailto as well.  

add cron job DailyBackup command "/bin/scheduled_backup DailyBackup" recurrence daily time 07:45


If I look at crontab -l I see the job listed and the mailto address. The backups run successfully but I do not get an email. The gateways can send email, as I have tested using a sendmail script and I also get system alerts when updates are available.

Can anyone help?



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Re: cron job mailto not working

Recommend opening a TAC case on this.
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