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cpview total Mbits/second

Please can someone explain this difference in total Mbits and actual connections?

This is a 3100 with R80.10 JHF 169


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Can you show the output of 'fw ctl pstat' and the output of 'fw tab -t connections -s' ? sk103496 tells us that CPview is designed to show the actual amount of connections that currently pass through the Security Gateway. This counter is adjusted according to which Check Point kernel module is handling the traffic:

  • When SecureXL is enabled, CPView Utility shows the connections from the SecureXL FWAccel module (run the command fwaccel stats | grep "C total conns")
  • When SecureXL is disabled, CPView Utility shows the connections from the FW module (run the command fw tab -t connections -s and refer to #VALS column)
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SecureXL is on. I now also enabled NAT templates and rebooted.

Here are the mentioned outputs (from past the reboot)

[Expert@xx:0]# fw ctl pstat

System Capacity Summary:
Memory used: 14% (828 MB out of 5784 MB) - below watermark
Concurrent Connections: 213 (Unlimited)
Aggressive Aging is enabled, not active

Hash kernel memory (hmem) statistics:
Total memory allocated: 603979776 bytes in 147456 (4096 bytes) blocks using 1 pool
Total memory bytes used: 0 unused: 603979776 (100.00%) peak: 197387556
Total memory blocks used: 0 unused: 147456 (100%) peak: 49939
Allocations: 5294012 alloc, 0 failed alloc, 3001851 free

System kernel memory (smem) statistics:
Total memory bytes used: 1139453984 peak: 1139526016
Total memory bytes wasted: 4489422
Blocking memory bytes used: 3749884 peak: 3795104
Non-Blocking memory bytes used: 1135704100 peak: 1135730912
Allocations: 9246 alloc, 0 failed alloc, 5122 free, 0 failed free
vmalloc bytes used: 1129724604 expensive: no

Kernel memory (kmem) statistics:
Total memory bytes used: 710079912 peak: 721669260
Allocations: 5301716 alloc, 0 failed alloc
3006895 free, 0 failed free
External Allocations: 0 for packets, 78901261 for SXL

502084 total, 0 alloc, 0 free,
0 dup, 2594867 get, 407415 put,
838803 len, 0 cached len, 0 chain alloc,
0 chain free

1992 total, 543 TCP, 1401 UDP, 48 ICMP,
0 other, 0 anticipated, 0 recovered, 213 concurrent,
1484 peak concurrent

0 fragments, 0 packets, 0 expired, 0 short,
0 large, 0 duplicates, 0 failures

4/0 forw, 0/0 bckw, 4 tcpudp,
0 icmp, 4-2 alloc

Sync: off

[Expert@xx:0]# fwaccel stats | grep "C total conns"
C total conns 197 C templates 1

[Expert@xx:0]# fw tab -t connections -s
localhost connections 8158 202 1270 476