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Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS

Have questions about Security Gateway Appliances, Gaia OS, CoreXL, SecureXL, or ClusterXL? This is where to ask them! This also includes legacy operating systems like SecurePlatform, IPSO, or XOS.

For Small Business Security appliances (600/700/1200R/1400/1500), see the SMB Appliances and SMP space.

James_Liao inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS 4 hours ago
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Does R80.40 support HP DL380 G10 ?

Hardware Compatibility List do not show anything about R80.40 , do I need to open case for the answer ?  
abihsot__ inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS 8 hours ago
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High memory usage

Hello,Wanted to share the issue we have with our gateway.  We have following blades enabled:fw urlf appi identityServer SSL_INSPECT content_awareness monAppliance is with 16gb, running latest R80.30.The problem we are having is that at some point memory usage increases sharply and it never comes dow...

R80.40 GW on openservers and JHF page

  In reading about R80.40, I noticed the disclaimer on the download page:Note:R80.40 for Open Servers is supported only for Security Management.Security Gateways and Standalone are supported on VMware, Hyper-V and KVM.Security Gateways and Standalone configurations support for Open Servers is expect...

cloning group error after upgrade from R77.30 to R80.20 T101

Hello, After I upgrade firewall from R77.30 to R80.20 T101, I have this when I check on the status of the cloning group:show cloning-group status Synchronization Failedbut most of the time I have this:show cloning-group status Authentication Error Is it a problem with that version? Please help me to...

Traffic not accelerated by Secure XL

Hi,I have been dealing with the secure XL for a while and cannot have the traffic accelerated as you can see the output below.The problem is the cpus are going over %95 during day time and i think the reason is the secure XL not handling traffic as expected as everything is going through the slow pa...
li_hd inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS Thursday
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CPUSE Agent import package option not available

Dear all,We upgrade Gateway for R77.30 to R80.10,The upgrade went smoothly。But,in web GUI CPUSE Agent find  import package option not available.We tried changing browsersTry changing computersRestart  CPUSE Agent Servers ,issue still .Please help us ,thanks a lot 

PBR limitations

Hi Mates,reading the sk100500 I was very surprised when it describedThe following features/blades are not supported with PBR:IPv6Locally-generated trafficSecurity ServersData Loss Prevention (DLP) bladeAnti-Spam bladeMail Transfer Agent (MTA) (relevant for Threat Emulation/Threat Extraction/Data Los...

CheckPoint bridge mode is not working between the Fortigate and H3C switch

-------17/2/2020------- Add screen capture on the below reply for further troubleshooting. -------16/2/2020------- HI all, I just have a Checkpoint as bridge mode and have a scanning over the Trunk link.Both Fortigate and H3C has a Trunk link up already before. Vlan 10 is tagged with untagged VLAN 1...

Dynamic Routing - Real World Experience

Hello all,I consider to configure dynamic routing (main goal is OSPF, potentially BGP for some specific needs) on some of our Checkpoint appliances. In the past we avoided to apply any dynamic routing on our checkpoint firewalls. However, for some needs it would be really beneficial.The SMS is runni...
Wolfgang inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS a week ago
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suspicious interrupts values

Hello CheckMates, since two days we see this very low interrupts, normally all cores around 100.000           Looks like everything is running fine but I'm wondering. Has anyone an idea ? Wolfgang

Cannot Access Active Cluster Member via HTTPS/SSH Over VPN

I can access the MGMT interface of active and standby cluster members via ICMP over the VPN but not SSH or HTTPS. Their is an SMS that sits behind these GWs and I can reach the SMS via ICMP, SSH and HTTPS. As the SMS is on the same MGMT network as the GWs, I can also access the GWs ia ICMP, SSH and ...

Odd cphaprob output

Having an unusual issue with a cluster firewall interface. Firewall was rebooted and post reboot one side of the sync interface is showing an issue where the inbound is up but the outbound is down. The other side is UP & UP.fw1-cxl1:0]# cphaprob -a ifRequired interfaces: 7Required secured interfaces...

Gaia HealthCheck Script v7.09 released

Check Point released v7.09 of it's Gaia HealthCheck Script Script author: @Nathan_Davieau (LinkedIn profile)QA Director: @Barak_Ran (LinkedIn profile) What's new: Added R80.40 support Added VLAN/IP overlap and Any GUI Client checks courtesy of our ccc script Updated JHF version information Added Dy...

Migrate to 10Gb interface

Hi, I'm about to move a Checkpoint 15k cluster from the current 1Gb interfaces to new 10Gb interfaces.There are clans created on the 1Gb interfaces and I have to remove those and create the same vlan interfaces on the new 10Gb interfaces.Have anyone done this before? What steps are included in this ...
Derek inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS 2 weeks ago
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Move traffic flow from checkpoint A to B.

Hello Guys, wondering if someone could help. I am currently trying to move all internet traffic from checkpoint A to checkpoint B. I am currently testing on myself. The reason for this is because CPU usage is high on checkpoint A which is 4000 appliance version R80.10 and checkpoint B is 5000 applia...