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Blink with Clish configuration script

Hi! Have anyone used BLINK with custom clish configuration script (referenced in tried it many times (source R77.30 with blink image R80.10) without luck. The install process works fine and all settings in answers.x...

Migrate to 10Gb interface

Hi, I'm about to move a Checkpoint 15k cluster from the current 1Gb interfaces to new 10Gb interfaces.There are clans created on the 1Gb interfaces and I have to remove those and create the same vlan interfaces on the new 10Gb interfaces.Have...
phlrnnr inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS yesterday
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New 6000 series appliances

Has anyone gotten their hands on the new 6000 series appliances yet?  If so, what are your thoughts about them?  The pricing / performance looks pretty good.  I'd like to hear some feedback from anyone who has had a chance to play w...

CPUSE build 1669 - What is "New HFoHF behaviour"?

SK contains a new CPUSE version build 1669: is new states:New HFoHF behaviourSupport upgrades to R80.30What is meant by "New H...

Forum Tip! - Upload Hidden Pictures

For many users I see uploaded article pictures in their profile overview. If you want to avoid this, you only have to set the pictures to hidden when uploading. See picture:
Danny inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS Thursday
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New! R80.30 feature: Management Data Plane Separation (for gateways with 8+ cores)

I really like the all new R80.30 feature for separating management from data traffic via Routing Separation and Resource Separation as described in sk138672.   Did anyone test this already?

Dell PowerEdge R740 on HCL?

Looks like the HCL have been updated just recently. But the date of  last updated says "Last Updated: August 5, 2018" Last week I found Dell PowerEdge 740 on the list. Can't find that server anymore. I was just about to order a...

ClusterXL - standby cannot reach gateway

I've got a R77.30 cluster of two nodes (running on vmware).  The active node can ping the default gateway and onward to the rest of the network without any issue.  However, the standby node can't even ping the gateway...

iSCSI SAN with Smart-1 225

Experts,I have a customer looking to connect their Smart-1 225 to a SAN over iSCSI. Is that possible?Based on the datasheet I found, the 225 only has an optional Fiber Channel SAN module. Also, it says that it cannot be purchased separately, it mu...

Checkpoint rulebase , is there any kind of implicit or explicit rule above stealth rule except mgmt

Hi Checkmates, I wanted to know in checkpoint any implicit or explicit rule above the stealth rule in checkpoint except the management rule which allow management server and logs from/to the gateway to management or log server. If there ...

how about the performance of vsec

Hi all Does anybody know what's about the performance for the vsec installed in the open server? I only find the througput of the vsec while not CPS and concurrent sessions capacity. Hope you could share your knowledge if you know them. Thanks in ...

Benefits of using multiple interfaces vs VLAN trunk

Moving from a 4200 to a 5600, we've doubled in ethernet ports. This made me wonder, what are the pros/cons of multiple physical interfaces versus a VLAN trunk. Why would I connect, for example, VLAN1, 2, 3 and 4 to eth1, 2, 3 and 4 as opposed to t...
HeikoAnkenbrand inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS Wednesday
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R80.20 cheat sheet - fw monitor

Introduction This overview gives you an view of the changes in R80.20 fw monitor. All R80.10 and R80.20 changes are contained in this command overview (cheat sheet). You could download the cheat sheet at the end of this article as a PDF file...

IPSec VPN Tunnel & SSL VPN user capacity

Hi, I am working on an important RFP and need the following clarification on IPsec and SSL VPN - 1. How many Site-to Site VPN does CP 23500 and CP 15600 support ? 2. How many SSL VPN concurrent users does CP 23500 & CP 15600 support ? A quick ...

SNX - Authentication failed error on ubuntu machine

Hi All,Good Day.I tried to build client less vpn through mobile access blade between checkpoint R80.10 and ubuntu machine.When i try to open gui: https://192.168.x.x/sslvpn with the local credentials created, i am able to login and creat...