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announcing Routes via BGP

need to announce one specific network to the BGP peer .

Firewall A is connected to Router B and Router C.

default route is pointing to Router C

Firewall A learns about x.x.x.x network via static route . the next hop is Router B.

need to announce the network x.x.x.x to the BGP peer Router C

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Hello you have two ways of configuring BGP

Configuring BGP - Gaia Portal

Configuring BGP - Gaia Clish (bgp)

This configuration are part of the blade Advanced Routing . 

You can check the full configuration with the Guide Advanced Routing. 

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You need to export the static route in BGP. You can to do that with a routemap and export that static route to Router C.


can you provide the required commands

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Sure. From CLISH

Create export routemap:

set routemap export-bgp id 10 on

set routemap export-bgp id 10 allow

set routemap export-bgp id 10 match network 'x.x.x.x/xx network via static route' all

set routemap export-bgp id 10 match protocol static

Add routemap to bgp statement:

set bgp external/internal export-routemap export-bgp preference 1 on

save config

External/Internal depends on what you're using of course.

Hope this helps.




Hi All,

How to advertise directly connected subnet? I mean a Vlan subnet?

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Redistribute the interface to BGP ?

set route-redistribution to bgp-as ASN from interface INTERFACENAME on

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