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VSX folders

To have the Mobile Access Blade connect with https to the internal storefront server I need to add the internal host CA to the gateway/dms.

The directory $CVPNDIR/var/ssl/ca-bundle/ as mentioned in sk86860 does not exist in VSX.

I'm looking for the VSX equivalent.


Thanks in advance


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Re: VSX folders

[Expert@fwa0028:0]# vsenv 3

Context is set to Virtual Device FWA0028_TLVS1 (ID 3).

[Expert@fwa0028:3]# cd $CVPNDIR

[Expert@fwa0028:3]# pwd


[Expert@fwa0028:3]# cd /var/ssl

-bash: cd: cd/var/ssl: No such file or directory


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Re: VSX folders

oops solved

cd var/ssl  instead  of cd /var/ssl does the job.

[Expert@fwa0028:3]# cd $CVPNDIR/var/ssl/ca-bundle/

[Expert@fwa0028:3]# pwd


found the CA files in the ca-bundle folder so I can add mine in that location.

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