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Speed up your Snapshot creation and revert time

Check Point R77.30 / R80.10 runs on an RHEL 5 kernel.

Unluckily it has a nasty I/O operations bug which slows down GAiA Snapshot creation and revert times.

Check Point described in sk135832 how to change the type of I/O scheduler used on your firewall in order to work around the bug.

Thank you, Check Point!

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Re: Speed up your Snapshot creation and revert time


Do you think it is a good idea to create a script that will perform all of the actions in sk135832 as well as validate space requirements for the snapshot, prompt for and validate snapshot name and comment format, perform snapshot and revert configuration changes  after completion?

Perhaps even prompt for the snapshot export and generate download link for it?

I would not dare to tackle it myself, but since you've worked on the CCC, this should be well within your area of expertise and may make a good addition for it.

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Re: Speed up your Snapshot creation and revert time

I'll leave this to Check Point. They are the Software Technologies vendor who I believe should provide it's end users easy-to-implement software solutions instead of those complex instructions seen in sk135832. There are easier-to-implement solutions, such as Check Point's One-liner in sk121373. Let's hope Check Point rethinks it's -solution- here as well and creates a simple One-liner for us to use.

ccc is just a tool for quick access to the most common commands, not complex changes with validations and stuff.