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QOS blade not showing any logs

Hi All,

I am trying to implement QOS in lab as one of the customer is reporting QOS is not working in his environment.

I configured QOS rule with limit rate and guaranteed rate both to 64Kbps and testing to download some large file. It seems QOS is working and files are downloading very slow. But to confirm i am trying to see logs in QOS blade but there are no logs specifically related to QOS.

Did anyone encounter same issue.

ISO Image: R80.10


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Re: QOS blade not showing any logs

Screenshot of the rule in question?

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Re: QOS blade not showing any logs

Hi Ankur Datta‌ I've a similar issue, and as far as I know to see which QoS rule is matched I solved it creating an identical rule in the application rulebase with the extended log track setting. You could give that a try.