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Promoting Secondary MDS to be Primary MDS

Hello guys,

I would like to know if there is any way how to promote Secondary Multi-Domain Security Management (Provider-1) to be Primary Multi-Domain Security Management (Provider-1). 

I am familiar with sk114933 (promote_util tool) but this is valid only for SMS (Security management server).

Both MDS are running on R77.30, latest Jumbo hotfix.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Re: Promoting Secondary MDS to be Primary MDS

After the secondary Domain Management Server has been properly initialized and synchronized, no functional differences exist between Domain Management Servers.

To change the active Domain Management Server, follow this guide:

Multi-Domain Security Management R80.10 Administration Guide

Multi-Domain Security Management R77.30 Administration Guide 

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Re: Promoting Secondary MDS to be Primary MDS

We do have an existing SK for this purpose.

See: sk55301

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