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OSPF Instances R80.20

Good day Mates


I have recently read about the possibility of creating different OSPF instances in R80.20. This feature is really important for us as we have had issue with OSPF before, and we decided to use static routes instead.

I would like to know if anyone has already implemented OSPF instances and if it is working as expected.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: OSPF Instances R80.20

@Di_Junior , I've used the OSPF in both, ClusterXL and the VSX VSLS environments.

The Gaia Advanced Routing R80.20 Administration Guide describes the functionality available to you.

I believe that when you first enable OSPF in the cluster, the Standby member does not have the routing data replicated until your first failover to it. So you will not see the routes on the standby member until it becomes active for the first time.

At least this is the behavior I observed.