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Monitor IPS blade status and IPS update status

Hi all,

I didn't find anything like it, looking around, so I wanted to ask, if anyone knows a way to monitor the IPS Blade status and IPS update status.

Goal is getting a trap, when the blade status changes and also when an IPS update fails, for whatever reason.

Is there any solution for this available and did I simply overlook it?

Thank in advance

Kind regards


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Hello Axel,

I don't believe that there is a engine for this purpose. Did you verify any using MIB's SNMP traps?

Let me know if you have a new update.


Alisson Lima



You can see this information by command line, like that:

[Expert@VSX-LABs:1]# ips stat
IPS Status: Enabled
IPS Profile: policy_corp
IPS Update Version: 634174548
Global Detect: Off
Bypass Under Load: On

Maybe you can try to create an OID to monitor that and update this OID using the result of this command.

See this documents:

-SNMP Custom Traps for Monitoring Processes 

-How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS 



Did you find a way to get the IPS Update Status ?

Where can we find logs related to IPS scheduled update ?

Is there a way to have logs without activating fwm debugs ?

We are having the following error randomly:

IPS Scheduled Update ended with errors: Update check failed, please review credentials & proxy settings

The update fails many times and I can't find the reason.

I found many sk talking about the error but I couldn't find a solution.


I'm interested to know your findings too! Please let us know!