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Load balance ISP and VPN


An upcoming activity is for a customer office move but their leased line will not be available until a few months after they move in.

To mitigate this the client has ordered 2 ADSL lines and has asked to do active/active across these for their connectivity.  The office does not host any external services. They have a VPN mesh community for their DC and other offices.  Apart from one office where the VPN terminates on a cisco router.

Has anyone any guidance on issues they think this setup might encounter.  I'm not confident on how the site to DC VPN would function in an active/active manner.


Many thanks



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some more informations would be helpful. Which hardware, which version?

Did you get an ethernet port from the provider or does the gateway itself initiate the PPPoE connection?

ISP redundancy and VPN link selection in LoadSharing mode is your key. But there are some limitations with these features.

that‘s why I ask for more information.



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