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Job Scheduler in Checkpoint

Hi All,

I have a query regarding the job scheduler of Checkpoint GAIA R77.30. We have a weekly shutdown of our firewall every week and I was wondering if the Jobs Scheduler can perform this task instead of doing it manually? We normally do shutdown -h now?

On the "command to run", should we put "shutdown -h now" or there's additional commands to put in?





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Re: Job Scheduler in Checkpoint

See the Gaia Administration Guide - it says:

In the Command to Run, enter the name of the command. 

The command must be a UNIX command. 

Note - If you wish to run a Check Point command, then use this syntax (see sk90441😞 

source /etc/profile.d/ ; <command> 

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Re: Job Scheduler in Checkpoint

Is  it working now ?

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Re: Job Scheduler in Checkpoint

If you run shutdown -h now, that actually powers off the gateway—probably not what you want.
/sbin/reboot is probably what you want.
But it begs the question: what condition are you hoping to clear by periodically rebooting?
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