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ISP Redundancy default route doesn't switches


I have 2 external interfaces: eth3 (Backup, default GW and eth1 (Primary, default GW and when i switching eth3 to Primary in ISP Redundancy settings, default route still remains from eth1. I read sk162362 and checked my /var/log/messages and not found strings about user admin logs in and changes the route, but i found strings about the clish command is not executed:

clish[6556]: cmd by admin: Start executing : set static-route ... (cmd md5: b0ccff2a1a0d82a90b055922738482bc)
xpand[6992]: admin localhost t -volatile:clish:admin:6556
clish[6556]: User admin logged out due to an error from CLI shell

Why this maybe happening?

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I would involve TAC here !

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