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Hotifix installtion 345 r77.30

I have 1 Management server with Gaia r77.30 which i wanted to install hotfix 345 can you help me what precation should i take before install this on Management and Cluster configured firewall. 

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Re: Hotifix installtion 345 r77.30

 i am not able to take GUI access of device currently 

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Re: Hotifix installtion 345 r77.30

in the sk for the jhf for 7730 there are a list of the files that are currently touched/modified

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Re: Hotifix installtion 345 r77.30

Before HF install:

- update CPUSE engine (sk92449: Check Point Upgrade Service Engine (CPUSE) - Gaia Deployment Agent)

- perform Backup / Snapshot o.o. (sk108902: BestPractices - Backup on Gaia OS)

- install the Jumbo Take

All this can also be done in CLISH.