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Gaia R80.10 DHCP Reservation not working

I followed sk92473 to add DHCP reservation for some hosts on my 3100 running R80.10.


But it's not working at all, the reservation isn't working for the specified host and worst then that the DHCP isn't working anymore for any other host.


I can't figure out the problem


here's the content of my dhcpd.conf file :


ddns-update-style none;

subnet netmask {
default-lease-time 43200;
max-lease-time 86400;
option host-name= pick(option host-name,
concat("dhcp-", binary-to-ascii(10, 8, "-", leased-address)));
option routers;
option domain-name-servers,;

host LAP-MTL-007.telesystem.intra {




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