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GAIA - Backup all clish configs from all gateways with one CLI command.

In the last few days I have built a tool to execute clish commands and bash commands centrally from the management server on all gateways.

All you need to do is run a small script from this Checkmates article.

GAIA - Easy execute CLI commands on all gateways simultaneously

Then you can save your clish config centrally from all gateways to the management server with the following command:

Management# gw_mclish show configuration > backup_clish_all_gateways.txt

This can also be start as simply cronjob😀.

Demo video:

(view in My Videos)
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Great job @HeikoAnkenbrand 

I just tested that. It works great.



It's an interesting solution.



Hello @HeikoAnkenbrand 

I think the script is good. Unfortunately, the TE appliance is not recognized when I run gw_detect. What can I do?

Best regards

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Will this script check for virtual systems and back them up or will it only back up VS 0?



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We have over 40 gateways worldwide. I slightly modified the script to secure all gateways. This makes the work easier.

@Check Point:
Can you include the script in GAIA R80.40... in the future?


We do have already. Central Deployment Tool (aka CDT) is a part of MGMT installation starting from R80.30 (you can install it manually on versions<80.30). Its RMA mode saves configuration and also other cool stuff like FTW settings, SIC, license. kernel parameters and more. It's also capable of running scripts on GWs you coode, pushing/pulling files and much more.
There is more information, the tool itself and administration guide in sk111158


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