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Firewall Performance

Is this cause system slowness ? Firewall module is Checkpoint 4800 series 

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Re: Firewall Performance

Your CPU is actually pretty low.

Many things can cause system slowness.

I'd start with reviewing the following SK: Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance 

Re: Firewall Performance

Hi Dameon,

Thank you for your thought .

Can you explain the y axis bit for or can you refer something to me ? Cause I refer the yesterday graph (screen shot i taken). In that I noticed that value ( "Connection - Average" and "Accepted Packet Rate...") in Y-scale are different to today graphs. 

Are those change dynamically ? Please find the graph as well 


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Re: Firewall Performance

Just left-click on the relevant line, and once highlighted the Y-axis will use the units relevant to that line value.  There is also an "Optimize Scaling" button in the icon-based toolbar that will automatically adjust the Y-axis to make everything fit so lines aren't running off the top of the graph.

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