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Fetching Network Interface details CP 13500

I have Check Point 13500 deployed in my network. I have to fetch Network interface details (i.e. part number and capacity) but not able to do that.

Clish command "show asset all" or "show asset system" do not give required output.

Any particular command to execute?


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Re: Fetching Network Interface details CP 13500

This gives you the capacity in a nice list: 

I don’t think you can query the exact type/SKU of the interface.

You can make an educated guess based on the drivers for the interface, though.


Re: Fetching Network Interface details CP 13500

If you're still operating an early version of R77.30 JHF then sk114852 (or sk123342 / sk106785) may apply here.

Comparing the details of your asset portal (Usercenter > My Check Point > My Accounts > Product Center) with the 13500 datasheet may also assist in identifying the likely interface & expansion card population to assist with your verification.

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